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Welcome To Shenzhen DianJing Articles for Automobile Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen DianJing Articles for Automobile Co., Ltd. located at DongLian Industry Zone, Bao’An, Shenzhen. We have R&D, Model Dept, Electronic Dept, Assemble Dept, etc. Factory area is about 3000m. Over 200 employees work in our company. The production capacity is about 100K per month.

Our company is specialized in articles for automobile. Our business fields include: R&D, production and sales. Our mainly product include safety applications, interior and exterior decorating supplies and automobile electronics products. Most of them are very popular in the automotive products market.

We committed to bring a new driving experience for all of the owners. Except popular products, we pursuit the ultimate perfection for some of the people, we provide you with exclusive VIP distinguished service, depending on your taste and requirements of customized features unique in the world of the super-experience, to make your cars as your dress the same as to be your endorsement, and it is no longer the industrial process to produce the transport machinery, but rather a result of the birth of your works of art.

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